About Us


Hope University (HU) is cost recovering Higher Education Establishment. Hope University was founded in the year 2008 by Prof. Najib Sheikh Abdulkarim with support and encouragement of Somali intellectuals inside and outside the country. Main objective of HU is to provide affordable higher learning opportunities in the fields of health, technology, and management sciences.


Create opportunity for Somali high school graduates to obtain state of art knowledge from higher learning establishment in their native land. Hope University (HU) is determined to provide trainings of both post secondary level leading to bachelor’s degree and post graduate degrees that are relevant to the current global market.


Level of education in any given country is considered to determine wellbeing of its people. Hope University is committed to realize its vision by:

Providing internationally recognized curriculum that will produce graduates to transform Somalia/Somaliland into a national integrate, self sustaining and self sufficient economy. Maintaining outstanding reputation in the community and producing graduates that are environmentally friendly.