Master of Environmental Science


As you pursue your Master’s in Environmental Management, you will learn how human activity impacts the natural world, and you will learn ways to make that impact less damaging. The degree is science-intensive, and you will study biology and chemistry in an environmental context. You will also gain familiarity with green building and design techniques and sustainable technologies like alternative sources of energy and sustainable waste management.

By the end of this program a successful student should be able to:

  • Understand the need for and key concepts of industrial transformation necessary for achieving sustainability;  
  • Understand the meaning of  preventive environmental strategies and how they are different from the ‘command and control’ approaches to environmental regulation; understand the concepts of cleaner production, eco-efficiency, the waste management hierarchy, other key concepts, approaches, and tools used in preventive environmental strategies;
  • Explore ways of making environmental improvements in technologies, processes and products in companies; develop simple corporate (or regional) policies aimed at promoting preventive environmental strategies;