Medicine Programme ( MBBS)

Program objectives

To produce competent, compassionate and community oriented doctors for Country with the internationally recognized standard of excellence.

Training of doctors in rural and urban teaching and service settings so that students acquire knowledge, attitude, and skills relevant to the needs of the community and practice settings,

Providing community oriented teaching that enables graduates to identify the health problems of the individuals and community at large so as to intervene effectively.


Graduate Profile

Upon completion of the training the graduate will have the following skills:

  1. Communicate effectively and sensitively with patients and their relatives to enable them to undertake decisions as equal partners.
  2. Have appropriate skill to perform minor operations including safe delivery.
  3. Be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and other healthcare professionals, the community, and other sectors.
  4. Be able to obtain from the individual patient the information necessary to formulate and test diagnostic hypothesis by taking appropriate physical, social and psychological history, physical examination techniques, and using investigations selectively.
  5. Have the skill of disease prevention and health promotion.
  6. Have the capacity to properly manage healthcare institutions.
  7. Have the capacity to investigate and manage epidemics.
  8. Be able to gain, assess, apply and integrate new knowledge and have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances throughout their professional life.
  9. Be able to handle emergencies in and trauma.
  10. Be able to handle surgical emergencies in obstetrics and general surgery.
  11. Be able to perform instrumental delivery, caesarean section and appendectomy for uncomplicated cases


Pre- Clinical Courses

(HM101-1) Gross Anatomy

(HM101-2) Histology

(HM101-3) Embryology

Para- Clinical Courses  

HM205-2) pharmacology I

(HM204-1) Pathology I

(HM206-2) Microbiology I

(HM308-1) Community Medicine I

Clinical courses

(HM409) ENT

(HM410) Ophthalmology:

(HM411) Internal Medicine

(HM512) General surgery