Admission criteria for admitting undergraduates

 Eligible students for Hope University admission are high school graduates from Somaliland, other parts of Somalia and those with equivalent diploma / certificate. Each faculty has specific conditions that students need to meet.

Application and Registration

Application to Hope University programs has to be made in person by the applicant and download the following:

Application form for degree progr Download here.

Masters Degree Application Form  Download here.

Undergraduate courses:

  • Application Form has to be filled and signed

  • Four recent passport size photographs

  • Proof of High school graduation

Applicable fees paid

Tuition Fees:

Programme fees: $180 per semester  ( Regular Students)   $ 200 Distance students

Registration Fee: $35

1- Applicant Must be Good at  Biology and Chemistry

2-Applicant Should have entry exam and must pass

Registration fees:

  • Medicine Programme ( MBBS)(is $ 40 paid once) 

  • Tuition Fee $100 per Month