Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS)

Program objectives

The aim of the training is to produce competent laboratory clinicians who undertake diagnostic service of patient’s health problems with the needs of the population.  The training will equip the laboratory clinician with appropriate knowledge, skill, and attitude so that she or he is able to effectively and efficiently solve the health and health-related problems of individuals, families, and communities.   In addition, the graduates will manage the health institutions they will be assigned to in a spirit of teamwork and community-based approach.

  Graduate Profile

At the end of the training program the graduate laboratory clinician will be able to:

  • Practice body of knowledge and clinical training  in all routine areas of the clinical laboratory
  • Competent to diagnose and investigate individual patient’s health problems
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior and professional attitudes
  • Provide quality clinical services to individuals, families, and communities as the need arise
  • Be able for a life lasting continuing education to maintain a commitment of excellent laboratory services

Clinical Laboratory Science Degree

Human Anatomy

Human Physiology

Lab Ethics and Safety

Introduction to CLS

Intro. to Biochemistry

Urine Analysis

Clinical Chemistry I

Intro. to Microbiology

Basic Immunology


Medical Mycology


Intro. to Histopathology