Development & International Studies

Program objectives

  • To offer a high quality academic training in development and international studies, examining contemporary theories in the social sciences and policies and practices.
  • To equip participants with a theoretical understanding of debates relating to development, including contrasting arguments and understandings of development processes, and to enhance their abilities to apply such knowledge to policy analysis and practical problem solving.
  • To enhance the skills of participants, especially in relation to leadership, motivation and working with groups and in the planning, management and evaluation of policies and development programs.
  • To enhance participants’ understanding of social research on contemporary issues in the field and to facilitate learners to critically analyze these issues in the light of their own primary research and development experience.

Graduate Profile

Upon completion of the training the graduate will have the following skills:

  1. Communicate effectively with all stakeholders.
  2. Have expertise in dealing with international partners in development and programs
  3. Be able to manage development Projects and programs
  4. Be able to undertake assigned tasks relating to Social and economic development
  5. Maintain teamwork and community–based approach in development.
  6. Be able to obtain from stakeholders the necessary information to prepare evaluation and assessment reports
  7. Have the capacity to properly manage public institutions.
  8. Have the ability to improve his/her professional skills and understandings today’s world
  9. Be able to prepare a customer-tailored development project for individuals with special needs
  10. Conduct training for staff and community at large

Development and international Studies courses

  • Introduction to political science
  • Introduction to international relation
  • Gender and development
  • Conflict management  and peace maintenance
  • Rural development 
  • Economic development
  • Natural resource management