Master of Development Studies

objectives of the Programme.

  • To provide rigorous interdisciplinary research, education, and training for human resource in the development arena.
  • To educate the potential community and institutional leaders and politicians in promoting development initiatives for individuals, communities, institutions, and organizations.
  • To train the participants to become informed and active actors of development in interpersonal, inter-group, interfaith, inter-regional, continental and international relations.
  • To prepare the participants to creatively and skillfully become pillars of development, freedom, justice, and democracy contributing towards development in our societies at all levels.
  • To enable the participants to identify and analyze the root causes of underdevelopment, and different development problems and learn the skills and methods to be used to achieve sustainable eco-based development.
  • To contribute to students’ growth in the overall field of development through writing, publishing and the use of other non-formal means of communication. 
  • To train students to acquire a critical thinking on the aspects of existing knowledge and theory in the field of development studies this will enable them to contribute positively to development.
  • To provide an academic basis for rigorous interdisciplinary research in the area of development studies.