Master of Diplomacy & International Relations

objectives of the programme

  • To provide rigorous interdisciplinary research, education and training towards the International structure.
  • To educate the potential community and institutional leaders and politicians in the diplomatic practices.
  • To train the participants to become informed and active diplomats and participants in the international sphere.
  • To prepare the participants to creatively and skillfully become pillars of dialogue, freedom, justice, and democracy contributing towards developing a culture of peace and non-violence at all levels of society.
  • To enable the participants to identify and analyze the root causes of conflict and violent behavior and learn the skills and methods to be used to achieve peace, justice, and sustainable development.
  • To contribute to students’ growth in the overall field of international relations and diplomatic practices.
  • To train students to acquire critical thinking on the aspect of existing knowledge and theory in the field of diplomacy and international relations and this will enable them to contribute positively to development.