Public Health

Program objectives

Program objectives include:

  • To produce competent officers who undertake public health awareness campaigns
  • To training well equip the professionals in public health with appropriate knowledge, skill and attitude so that he/she is able to effectively and efficiently solve the health and health-related problems of families and communities.
  • The graduates will be trained to be a competent manager of the health institutions responsibilities assigned as well as teamwork and community-based approach.

Graduate Profile

At the end of the training program the graduate Public Health will be able to:

  • Practice body of knowledge and public health  in all routine activities
  • Competent to investigate the outbreak of communicable
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior and professional attitudes
  • Educate community members on environmental health risks and containment of communicable diseases
  • Organize vaccination companies for the eradication of preventable diseases
  • Prepare leaflets and periodic reports on the public health situation in his/her geographic area for public sanitization and awareness
  • Be able for a life lasting continuing education to maintain a commitment of public health

Public Health Degree

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Introduction to Clinical laboratory

Health planning and management

Management Information System

Health Care System

Health Care Finance and Management

Public Health Program Planning & Evaluation

Quality Control in Health Care

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